Watch & Learn: A message that should not be forgotten…

This is a subject that is near and dear to Lady LUX's heart. During my college years, I spent a great deal of time working with the professors on my campus in the Anthropology department who made the subject of the AIDS/HIV epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa their life's work. I spent three years listening to stories from their time spent in the field, keeping current on the latest medical data and statistics from the World Health Organization, and volunteered for the cause itself.

Watch this short trailer. I know the video is a bit dated from 2007 but it is a message that should not be forgotten. It's a beautiful story about people and what our purpose on this planet can be. I use the word “can” as in challenge. It's a challenge to find one's self and buck the norm of what is expected or should be. We as people are all designed to do something unique. The couple in this film did just that. They found their purpose and accepted their challenge in this world. They are greatly helping a popluation of orphans who have lost not only their parents and relatives, but their culture as well.

When you're done watching, make sure you check out the website for Angels in the Dust—I promise, this is worth the five minutes it will take out of your day.

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