Ask Drew: What Happened to The Phone Call?

Q: Dear Drew,

I am so tired of guys just texting me all the time. What happened to picking up the phone and calling a girl when you want to take her out. I keep getting texts that say, "Hey what's up?" and I get the feeling that he could just be copying and pasting that same thing to a hundred other girls. Is it too much to ask for a guy to actually call me if he's interested?



Why Guys Don't Call

A: What happened to the phone call? The same thing that happened to cassette tapes and Beanie Babies. They've been rendered obsolete. It's just not done anymore. If I ever see a voicemail on my phone, I immediately know it's a butt dial or an old person leaving their name, number, and time they called. Thanks a lot, "greatest generation." I've got caller ID.

I know women like to complain about how chivalry is dead, but this doesn't count. You're trying to find a boyfriend, aren't you? Why are you making it infinitely harder on yourself by making guys abide by all these archaic social contracts? Does he have to ask your father if he can court you before he takes you out on the town via horse and buggy? And if he is texting hundreds of other girls, don't you think there will be other indicators that emerge later on that he's a d-bag?

Final thought: if you wanna stay single forever, keep making up stupid rules. You could be turning down Mr. Right because he was so excited to get in contact with you he sent you a text during a business meeting. "He's really interested, but screw him! He should've called!"


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Drew is a single guy living in Los Angeles. When he's not bar-hopping with a friend's golden retriever to convince women he has a soft side, he's taking them on short-lived dates. His fickle dating habits and "perspective" almost guarantee he'll die alone. All opinions are his own. Got a question for Drew? Ask away...

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