Will NBC be charitable and keep The Philanthropist on the air?

If you missed the action-packed summer series The Philanthropist, LUXies, we recommend you head over to NBC to watch the whole thing. It’s combination of over-the-top good deeds, heart-racing drama and interesting characters. How LUX!

The show is based on real-life philanthropist Bobby Sager, who with his family has spent the last decade traveling around the world giving his huge fortune away. The Sager Family Traveling Foundation & Roadshow funds initiatives that “tak[e] concrete baby steps to tackle difficult situations by empowering the leaders in those areas.”

At the end of season one, the series is rumored to be on the chopping block.

The Philanthropist has been the center of some controversy in philanthropic communities, with one side suggesting that philanthropy is harder work and not as glamorous as the show makes it out to be, and the other side insisting that a show promoting generosity and cultural awareness is of great value.

The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. From the pilot forward, we watch the main character Teddy Rist (played by James Purefoy) do good for the sake of good, going to extraordinary lengths to help those in need. It may not be the most effective approach in the long-term, but Teddy’s heart is in the right place. As he grows in his entrepreneur-turned-rogue-philanthropist role, we expect to see his strategy mature, as well.

We’d like to see NBC give The Philanthropist a second chance to broadcast the weekly prime-time challenge to see what kind of change we can each create in our own worlds.


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