With Love from Cadbury:  The Bicycle Factory to Build Bikes for Kids in Africa

LUX Nation, a recreational bicycle to us means necessary mobility and livelihood to others. As in Africa where a bike can be an ambulance, school bus or a water truck, Cadbury has created a program that encourages Canadians to build bicycles to help gift African children.

The Bicycle Factory’ program involves the conversion of Cadbury UPCs into bicycle parts. One bicycle is built with every 100 UPCs donated and the goal this year is to reach 5,000 in number. Once this goal is reached the bikes will be directly donated to benefit school children in creating a way for them to have access to education in Ghana.

To date, this program has helped Canadians build 2,237 bicycles online by turning about 223,700 UPC labels in!! Now this gives clear evidence of how consumer power can be turned into making a positive difference for others!! Something that is so totally LUX!! wink

There is also a new official Facebook Fan Page for people to track the progress of the program and get up-to-date information anytime! A special widget has even been created to make the donation of UPC labels to be even more user-friendly, simply download it from the Facebook Fan Page!! Now that’s what we call LUX-ified.

With such early success, Cadbury believes 5,000 bicycles can be built and is empowering Canadians to help make a difference through small, every day purchases. Bikes can be built using the UPC code from any participating Cadbury product including chocolate bar favorites such as Caramilk® and Dairy Milk®; leading gum brands like Trident®, Dentyne® and Stride®; Maynards® treats including Maynards Wine Gums®, Sour Patch Kids® and Cherry Blasters®; and all HALLS® products.—via

To meet this outrageous goal, Cadbury has dedicated extra man hours to build around the clock to process all the UPC translated pieces into bike parts donated via the website or the new widget application! Cadbury will even match each donated UPC label into bicycle parts until July 17, 2009!! So for all you Canadians, be sure to log on and be apart of the difference!!


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