Yoga Teachers Channeling “Best in Show”

Calling all dog-lovers: Downward facing dog isn't just for people anymore. Doga, yoga classes for dogs and their owners, is the new fad in fashion yoga as the market continues to capitalize on the ever popular trend. Quite hysterically, Doga is booming because people are loving the opportunity to bond with their pet and relax and breathe all at once. Efficiency at it's finest. So for those of you proud parents willing to throw down $15-$25 a class, give your dog a chance to find his inner bliss.

Ms. Harendorf links yoga to reductions in stress hormones, like cortisol, and blood pressure. “People always ask me, ‘Do dogs need yoga?’ ” she said. “I say, ‘No, you need yoga. But your dog needs your attention, and bonding with your pet is good for your health.’ ”

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I have a bit of mixed feelings about this. Part of me feels like Doga is yet another means to capitalize on the “trend” of yoga which the west has so carefully manipulated into a physical practice. On the other hand, if this is a means for people to relax and decompress from everyday life, then more power to them! Whatever it takes to step away from the external buzz and tap into a little internal peace and happiness.

How do you feel about this? Do you think this is a good thing or an insult to the yoga?

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