YouTV:  Now Offered through Intelevision

Attention LUX media lovers, a real-time ‘google-like’ search program is now available to maximize your TV pleasure. This breakthrough company, Intelevision, is a new platform that just launched its beta version about a month ago and offers a ‘live’ television guide right through your computer. No more traditional channel surfing for you busy LUX TV goers!! wink That’s right, technology that actually makes your ‘free’ time way more LUX by customizing your television programming.

Intelevision works in combination with your computer, internet connection, TV and cable provider. When you get to the site and put your zip code into the system, it will populate everything that is playing in your local area.

To customize your view, set your preferences by using the “Add to Favorites” button. The show options are given to you in categorical groups that include: Top Rated, Arts/Entertainment, Comedy, Drama, Educational, Home/Leisure, Kids, Movies, Music, Documentary, Reality, Specials, Sports or Live Sports. Once you have set your preferred shows, this will populate your ‘Show Guide’ which will continually track when these FAV shows air regardless of the channel. If you want to watch one, just click on the icon in your browser and it will literally change your TV to the show you have just chosen to watch. It is that easy. wink

So you don’t miss your TV FAV, you can set the system to alert you when a particular show is on!! This new platform also allows commenting on the live show and chat with your other friends regarding one of your tube-addictions. What could be better than chatting with friends while you’re all tuned in to the same show all without picking up the phone!?! So cool! Come on, lots of us watch, talk, and surf at the same time—so big thumbs to Intelevision to incorporate today’s reality into a sleek and efficient platform!

Once you ‘register’ for this tech-savvy site, your homepage becomes ‘YouTV.’ Can you think of a better way to cut through the clutter and serve up the essentials of your entertainment box?!?


Check it out for yourself at,

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