Trendsetter: Belles & Rebelles take on Grecian Style

Belles and Rebelles is one of the few style blogs cutting through the clutter by bringing readers pure fashion. The site’s chief Editrix, talented stylist Megan Averbuch, often displays her finesse for style by posting photos of herself dressed in her fabulous wardrobe finds.

Avid readers of Belles & Rebelles know Ms. Megan offers fashion forward content, and eye-catching imagery from runway shows and upcoming collections, giving her community the 411 and behind-the-scenes access to this wonderful world we love to consume.

With panache and grace, Belles & Rebelles is one of our favorite LUX reads for haute inspiration. If you have yet to discover this gem of a blog, we suggest you visit and follow the site now if you’re a devoted fashionista. For a taste of Belles & Rebelles’ flair, we bring you an ‘Inspired By’ outfit created and modeled by the gorgeous Megan. This beautiful ensemble mirrors that of Keira Knightley’s sensual Rodarte dress paired with Grecian-like accessories she donned at a film premiere. Megan’s version of Keira’s outfit embodies that of a goddess, namely Aphrodite, who represents beauty and love in Greek mythology. Definitely a LUX love!

Keira Knightley Atonement

Megan Averbuch’s inspiration & reason for the photo-shoot comes from Keira Knightley’s gown worn to the premiere of “Atonement” in London.

“The reason I was drawn to the Keira Knightely photo was because her whole look has such perfect elegance. In Keira’s case, her look refers back to the antiquities and ancient Greecian and Roman togas with its beautiful draping characteristics. Even with such a dated reference, Keira looks completely fashion forward and 100% glamourous. The look is both delicate and feminine while at the same time represents a very godly and strong being. I was completely inspired by Keira’s magnificent look and I felt that it also reflected the look of a true goddess and a look of opulent luxury.

Ms. Knightely proved to be a real inspiration and by twisting the look a bit, I was able to make it my own. For one, shortening the dress helped to bring a more youthful look for a night out on the town. I also paired it with a stand-out metallic wedge to create an even sexier, more seductive look, which also matches the mysterious and dangerous connotations attached with an outfit styled for a greek goddess. To enliven my outfit, I picked the YSL statement ring and sparkling necklace as my accessories to keep on track with what a true Goddess or “belle” about town would wear!”—Megan Averbuch

What I Wore

Dress by Alice + Olivia, shoes by Givenchy, ring by YSL, headband by Deepa Gurnani and styled by Megan Averbuch.

How To Shop It

Pleated Flower Dress from Halston Heritage:

Pleated Flower Dress from Halston Heritage

Halston Heritage Pleated Flower Dress in nude has a muted color, combined with its ruching and pleating, reflect such elegance. This is one of the products I chose work perfectly with this Keira Knightley red carpet premiere look. It is a short, party-dress version of the goddess dress that Knightley wore. Added is the light, airy silk-chiffon fabric which gives the dress a graceful, feminine touch. Overall, it signifies natural, true beauty.

Deppa Hurnani Headband in Gold:

This Deepa Gurnani Beaded Headband in Gold from Shopbop is the perfect accessory to add to the “goddess” look. The handcrafted piece reflects a lavish lifestyle with its assortment of beautiful and carefully placed beads. It adds sparkle to any outfit, too!

Alexis Bittar Agate Ring in Gold:

This Alexis Bittar Agate Ring in Gold, I feel, is a great statement piece to add. With a polished agate stone, laid in a textured setting of 24kt gold, it is a truly luxurious piece of jewelry. Certainly lust-worthy! Definitely fit for a goddess! Plus it is a great balance of a chunky style while incorporating a classic old world look.

To follow Megan and her adventures in fashion and styling, you can find her on:

Blog: Belles & Rebelles
Facebook: Belles & Rebelles

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