Wellness Wednesday: 10 Best Bikini Body Foods

Summer is right around the corner and we’re all starting to crawl out of our slouchy winter ensembles and think about bikini season! Start the path to your best bikini body ever with detoxification foods full of fiber, antioxidants and healthy fats. Incorporate the following foods into your diet for a healthy and toned physique.


Carminative herbs such as ginger are known anti-inflammatories and gas reducers, and are the perfect ingredient to add to your bikini body diet. Ginger compounds stimulate digestion for weight management and have detoxification properties for overall health and beauty. Use in pressed juices, soups and teas to reap the benefits daily.

Red Bell Peppers

Low in calories and chock full of antioxidants and vitamin C, red bell peppers stimulate the digestive system and are noted metabolism-boosters, making them a great summertime snack. Try slicing them raw and dipping into hummus.


Omega-3s play an important role in reducing inflammation throughout the body, so incorporate a healthy dose of salmon into your diet for a svelte figure. A great source of protein, salmon also helps combat dry skin for an overall glowing look.


We’re all familiar with the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but research is now showing that apples may keep cellulite away as well! High in malic acid, apples are full of enzymes that help break down and eliminate fatty deposits in cells that lead to unwanted fat and cellulite.


For a slim waist, fill up on whole grains such as quinoa this spring. High in fiber, it will keep you feeling full longer while working to give you a flat tummy. Studies have shown that those who consume a diet rich in whole grains significantly reduced their belly fat, so eat up!


A source of vitamins C and K, asparagus is a slow-releasing energy food that is great bikini body fare for numerous reasons. By acting as a liver and kidney stimulant, it helps reduce water retention, bloating and acts as a mild laxative to help remove toxic waste.


Made of nearly 90% water, this hydrating fruit will help beat the bloat. Besides being high in vitamin C for beautiful skin, this summertime snack is high in fat-burning enzymes and helps promote weight loss by reducing insulin levels.


For flat abs, grab a handful of healthy fat and protein filled almonds. A good source of magnesium, they help build and maintain muscle tissue and stabilize blood sugar. Bonus: research suggests they may help reduce the absorption of fat.


While not known for their high nutritional value, cucumbers increase urination to flush out toxins by acting as a natural diuretic. Cucumbers also contain sulfur and silicon to aid in the removal of uric acid and stimulate the kidneys. Get your fill by mixing into salads or cutting up as a midday snack.


Known as a powerful detox food, avocados help cleanse the colon and carry toxins out of the body. High in soluble and insoluble fiber, their monounsaturated fat content helps to speed up your basal metabolic rate to burn more calories and facilitate weight loss.

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