Brazil Pledges to Combat Global Warming with New Emissions Reduction Plan

With the UN Climate Change Conference this December, many of today’s leaders of the world will be joining together to publically find an agreement to improve the global climate.

Announced just last week, the Brazilian government will present proposals to cut back gas emissions by 38-42% by 2020 at the Copenhagen conference. Many are surprised by these drastic percentages, which are far beyond what was asked.

At the conference, Brazil will present and examine the effects of not making rapid cutbacks and reductions in all countries, which is aimed to support the developing countries to also publically state their strategies for climate control.

“What Brazil is doing is a political gesture,” said Dina Rouseff, Brazil’s chief of staff, following a climate change meeting in Sao Paulo yesterday. “We still believe that the responsibility belongs to the developed countries.” She said the reductions were voluntary, and not binding “targets”, which she said should only be set for developed countries with higher emissions.

Their hope is that this will inspire other countries to take an active role in being a part of the lasting change effort, especially countries such as the United States and China who contribute greatly to this growing concern.

Though, they’re making this significant public commitment, it doesn’t mean that the developed countries will not need to do the same. Actually, this will continue to put pressure on the others who’ve yet to make a global announcement of their efforts. It does amp up the volume on the other countries that’ll be present at this International conference on a topic that affects us all.

If you’d like to have a part in the debate, visit the Climate Conference’s official site. There you can learn more about the climate challenges, test your own knowledge and even add your thoughts to those that’ll attend this International affair.

So LUXies, what do you think of Brazil’s strategy for gaining momentum before the conference? Do you believe it’s necessary for a formal commitment be made in this arena?

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