LUX Loves: Charmed, I’m Sure

Just when your jewelry box was overflowing, along comes another line of luscious jewels to help you add to the masses. But what glorious masses Heather Moore makes.

And they are unique to boot: Heather Moore crafts fully personalized charms to commemorate every stage of your life, and those you love. Like the heirlooms of the past, charms, pins, pendants, and necklaces passed down from mother to daughter, grandmother to the next generation, Heather Moore jewelry is the cherished kind—in fact, the company’s tag line is “Cherish Who You Are”.

Celebration is the central theme here, with the idea that there is always something to raise a glass to—or in Heather Moore’s case, wear a charm for. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, job promotions—all are worth noting, and what better way to do so than with jewelry? Now going into its 7th year, and going strong, Heather Moore embraces the time-tested values of companies gone by: Handcraftsmanship, classic workmanship, and authentic materials. Each piece in the collection can be crafted in sterling silver and 14K yellow, white, rose and green gold (yes, green!), so there is a look and style for every taste and every pocketbook.

The names, dates, and symbols for each Heather Moore charm are all hand stamped onto pieces with vintage, turn-of-the-century tools that the company mills right in their own shop, based in Cleveland, Ohio. The design crew keeps the customer’s personal specifications in mind during the entire process: Customers simply chooses one of the Heather Moore templates and takes the design work in hand, picking out lettering, size, or commissioning a custom design (family crests, private messages, whatever you wish). It’s the hammered letters of each piece that really makes this work stand out, just edgy enough but still crafted beautifully from the best materials to be found. The company also has a commitment to use only 100 percent recycled metals, keeping Mother Earth’s integrity intact while creating lasting, classic jewelry. And, they are happy to work with charities as well on unique pieces for their organization. A LUX operation, all the way around!

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