Core Body Reformer: A fun and easy way to get fit and shed pounds

Who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds with the holidays coming up? Whether you are looking to shed inches or tone up, the Core Body Reformer – a full-body fitness machine from Nautilus that combines yoga, Pilates and dance – can provide the ultimate workout for your core. Easily portable and storable, the foam roller-based unit is the perfect at-home way to get a complete fitness solution for consumers who find it difficult to find the time and motivation to exercise.

“The Core Body Reformer is like no other piece of fitness equipment out there because it considers the body as a holistic entity. We don't only use the CBR to attain the goal of being a certain size or looking a certain way, but to move our bodies into a space where we feel amazing, vibrant and comfortable,” Jennifer Galardi, high-profile trainer, fitness expert and CBR spokesperson, said.

It’s “three in one” workout means triple the benefits in significantly less time, incorporating cardio, strength, balance and stretch moves that strengthen and tone the body. Not only does it provide a safe, nonimpact workout, but it is easy to use and specifically designed for a woman’s body.

“Women should use it if they want the feeling of cross-training, if they enjoy the form and philosophy of dance, Pilates, yoga, if they like that symmetry of the body and that alignment, that focus, the safety with their workouts, they’re going to get the results of a long, lean body,” said Dove Rose, master trainer and owner of Dove’s Bodies fitness center in Hollywood, who supervised the trial training program.

You may not have the time or inclination to haul off to a studio for Pilates, dance or yoga classes. This apparatus lets you do all three right in your own home.

Rose describes the machine as an easy way to perform almost every single strength exercise you could do at a gym, targeting biceps, triceps, shoulders and more. You can integrate Pilates and yoga exercises for balance and coordination, using the product as a block or step. For cardio, it can be put to use as a step or the pulleys can be pulled at a faster pace for an aerobic workout that can help you work up a sweat and burn fat. Working multiple muscles at once allows for a higher-impact session.

Over six weeks, Rose led selected tester women in a boot camp challenge that proved the machine can provide serious weight loss results. After the camp was over, the average weight loss was 5 to 8 pounds and 6 to 7 inches. Rose reports diminished injuries, improved sleep, reduced cravings – and, of course, the women felt good.

“It’s the only item that I believe in what they are stating. It’s not a gimmick. It’s legitimate. It works. I’ve watched it work. I’ve watched it work with very normal, average people who have nothing to do with the fitness industry who are not professionals … they were working moms, very overweight, very out of shape,” Rose said, speaking as a trainer and business owner who does not receive kickbacks from sales.

And it also does it all when it comes to your body: increases strength, coordination, balance, burns fat and burns calories. It pairs the calorie burn of cardiovascular exercise with the metabolism-boost of strength training, leaving you with more energy and vitality, and a toned, slimmer body.

It is called the core body reformer for a reason: It focuses on the core. When you work your core, you work your whole body.

“At the heart of the CBR is the core. Almost every exercise you do, whether lying down or standing, will force you to engage those essential muscles, strengthening them with every motion. A strong center will not only trim your waistline, but help you move through everyday activity and life with more confidence and poise,” Galardi said.

With so many possible workouts, consumers will be glad the CBR comes with a comprehensive, motivating DVD explaining the many ways to use the machine. Led by Galardi, users may choose beginner, intermediate or advanced levels to adapt the machine to their workout needs.

Rose recommends using the machine five times per week, or two to three if engaging in other cardio activities.

“It’s actually enjoyable. You really get on it and you sort of like moving with it. It becomes an extension of your hands and limbs and you put your arms in the straps and feet in the straps. It feels very, very conducive to your own body movements,” Rose said.

Due to its unique design, the entire system can retract into the shape of a yoga mat, which can then be carried like a golf bag, slid under the bed or put in a car. Weighing just 17 pounds, it can be assembled for use in a few moments and fit in almost any space.

“I really see the CBR as a long-term, viable fitness solution,” Galardi said. “The concepts and modalities that provide the foundation for the CBR are not fads or trends, but long-standing principles and techniques that lead to long-term health.”

For more information, visit For $279, a consumer receives the machine, a nutrition guide, workout poster, four DVD workout programs and more.

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