Purveyors of Time Concierge: At your service in any way you need

Living in Los Angeles can be hectic, but keeping up with a luxurious, successful lifestyle while caring for your family—especially during the holidays—can sometimes be near impossible.

Founded in 2007, Purveyors is a luxury personal assisting and errand–running company providing personal and professional lifestyle management services to celebrities, music industry professionals, sports figures, high net-worth families and individuals, and more.

“People of means recognize that while they may never run out of money, someday, they will run out of time. As a result, personal concierge and assisting services are one of the standard perks of having money …We make our clients’ lives easier by providing instant solutions and executing them at virtually a moment’s notice,” Jeannette Jones, founder and CEO of Purveyors of Time, said.

Purveyors of Time Concierge will handle any on-call and as-needed service, with the same level of personalized service as a personal assistant, in an effort to create that 25th hour you need in your day.

The company knows LA—and it knows it well.

“Time is the new black,” Jones declared. “Living in Los Angeles, we saw firsthand the inherent need for a service that would cater to the successful and busy lifestyles of all kinds of affluent people, and we moved to fill that need … All of us here at Purveyors of Time specialize in providing whatever our clients can think of, as long as it’s legal, ethical and moral …What sets us apart from the rest is our intuitive, highly-personalized service. We get to know our clients’ needs and desires quickly and try to anticipate their needs at all times.”

The company provides the best services for all kinds of needs: residential and family, first-class entertainment, travel and destination, and business and corporate.

Residential and family services include personal assistant services; errand-running; personal shopping; animal-care; private chef; chauffer; and home-care.

“We’ve arranged for luxury travel for pets. We’ve done things as extravagant as helping to plan luxury surprise parties to stocking the fridge in the condo with premium beluga caviar before vacationers arrive,” Jones said.

First-class entertainment services include private tours/viewings; party/event planning; performing arts/concert/sporting event tickets; dining reservations; and wine/cheese tasting.

Travel and destination management services include airport meet and greet; private yacht, plane or helicopter charter; luxe weekend getaways, hotel/resort reservations; spa/golf/tennis vacations; and spiritual retreats.

Business and corporate services include employee-benefit services; event coordination/implementation; trade show/convention support; printing services; corporate gift-buying; and administrative staff support.

“In most travel businesses, special requests are extras. In our business, our primary offering is taking care of special requests,” Jones said.

Get ready for the ultimate personal concierge experience. Since the holidays are here, Purveyors is more than happy to help your special events go smoothly and according to plan.

To begin your on-call or as-needed services, visit

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