Wellness Wednesday: Top 10 Detox Foods

From the air we breathe to the food we eat, toxins are everywhere. With our bodies on overload, our elmination systems struggle to keep up. Treat your body to a toxin detox by incorporating the following foods into your diet for a week to maintain good health, restore imbalances and improve your quality of life!


Containing a unique combination of phytochemicals and minerals, beets help to fight infection and are superb liver cleansers and blood purifiers. In addition, they help stabilize pH balance and boost cellular oxygen intake, making them healthy overall body cleansers.


Considered the detox vitamin, lemons are chock full of vitamin C and known as one of the most potent detox foods. Able to effectively remove toxins from the environment and our diets, lemons should be incorporated daily. Start each day with a cup of warm water and lemon to help flush toxins and assist in digestion.

Leafy Greens

Get rid of toxins by eating leafy greens, which boost chlorophyll levels in the digestive tract. These powerful plants also act as blood cleansers and aid in the detoxification of the liver. Introduce super foods, kale, spinach, collard greens and swiss chard into your diet for overall health and nutrition.


A detox favorite, garlic is not only antiviral and antibacterial, but also contains allicin, which promotes the production of white blood cells to fight toxins. In addition, garlic increases the production of glutathione, needed for toxin elimination.


High in insoluble and soluble fiber, avocados help cleanse the colon and carry toxins out of the body. Like ginger and cabbage, they are also high producers of the glutathione compound, helping to block the absorption of certain fats.


Our list wouldn’t be complete without ginger! Known to improve digestion and beat bloating, ginger speeds the movement of food through the body to promote detoxification. High in antioxidants, it is also good for your immune system. Add it to soups, teas and fresh pressed juice.


Due to a high content of sulfur-containing compounds, cabbage promotes the elimination of harmful carcinogens from the body. Cabbage also provides the body with glutathione, an antioxidant that aids in detoxifying the liver.


Get your body back on track with artichokes. Known for their ability to improve the function of the liver, they also stimulate bile flow to help digest fats and clear your system of inflammatory substances. Bonus: Artichokes are packed with toxin-eliminating fiber and antioxidants.


Get your fill of antioxidants and phytochemicals with a cup of blueberries. Known for their protective health benefits, antioxidants prevent cellular damage and fight harmful free radicals that occur naturally in the body and those absorbed from the environment.

Brown Rice

Supplement your diet with healthy whole grains such as brown rice. Rich in detoxifying nutrients like B vitamins, magnesium and phosphorous, brown rice works like a broom to sweep out toxins from the intestinal tract.

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