Lux Beauty: DIY Lip Exfoliators

by Amanda Nguyen

8 Refreshing Lo-Cal Smoothies

by Teena Hammond

A smoothie that's low in calories? Yes, it's true. These smoothie recipes make the most of healthy, low-calorie ingredients such as yogurt, berries, skim milk and protein powder so you can slurp away without worrying about your weight.

Lifestyle / Food

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Does Love Make You Stronger?

by Teena Hammond

Love is magical, and love seems, at first, to make us omnipotent. But then, after we’ve gotten used to the feeling, does that mean our neuroses return as everyday life sets in? Not always, according to a new study in the Journal of ...

Lifestyle / Relationships

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Instant Outfit

How to Think Like an Athlete

by Teena Hammond

Get the most out of every workout by thinking more like an athlete. Athletes are focused and goal driven with solid expectations and plans to get the most of out of each performance. It's important to properly manage your time and schedule your workouts, ...

Lifestyle / Wellness

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