Adidas Creates T-shirt in Honor of Boston Marathon Victims

In response to the recent Boston bombings, Adidas has launched a limited-edition “Boston Stands as One” T-shirt to aid the victims of the tragic explosions, reported WWD. The sponsor of the 26.2-mile marathon for 25 years, Adidas is selling the shirts on its website for $26.20 (yes, the numerical correlation is deliberate). All proceeds benefit The One Fund Boston Inc., which had been quickly set up in the wake of Monday’s tragedy.

“The selflessness and compassion demonstrated by the city of Boston, the first responders, the Boston Athletic Association and all marathon volunteers in providing assistance to the injured have stuck with us and inspired us,” said Adidas America president Patrik Nilsson to WWD. “We commend Boston — and those associated with the city and the marathon — for their reaction to this very challenging situation. We applaud them for standing together as one on Monday and in the days which have followed.”

Nilsson experienced the horror first hand, one of the 100 Adidas staffers at the race, which was also attended by 8,500 Boston Athletic Association (the event’s organizer) volunteers and 3,500-plus members of the media and race officials, all sporting Adidas marathon jackets. The marathon’s attendees and runners have been wearing these jackets all week in a show of support for the victims of the bombings.

Adidas is not the only group that has kicked into high gear in the aftermath of the marathon bombings. The Boston Bruins stuck “Boston Strong” decals on their hockey helmets in the first home game after the race, and similar actions are scheduled for sporting events in London and New York. For example, on Sunday, a short moment of silence before the Virgin London Marathon will commemorate the event. Runners will be handed out black ribbons to wear.

Another moment of silence will be held at this weekend’s Run for the Parks race in Central Park in New York. Runners and supporters are encouraged to wear “I Run for Boston” bibs and black ribbons. Attendees will be offered the change to donate $20 to The One Fund Boston. The City Parks Foundation has announced its intention to donate $1 per entry fee received.

Boston’s well-known chain City Sports also encouraged donations to The One Fund, posting an appeal on its home page underneath a banner proclaiming “BOSTRONG Still Running.” President and CEO Eddie Albertian was quoted saying, “We were born here. We are headquartered here. We are proud to call this resilient and tough city home. Boston will bounce back.”

Check it out the shirt at Adidas' website.

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