WePopp: Easy Planning With Friends

They say there’s an app for everything so it’s about time someone decided to create an app like WePopp. The lifestyle app simplifies group planning without the need of social media accounts such as Facebook, which usually serves as the go-to for party planning. Unlike other social platforms, WePopp doesn’t require all users to have the app only the person doing the planning must have the free app downloaded.

Making it easy to communicate with all your friends, the setup is easy and seamless. As the organizer, simply choose what kind of event you’re planning: dinner, a party or trip. From there you can get even more specific with your event or continue with the scheduling process. Once scheduled, the event is named and your guests have the option of voting on a time and place. If your friends don’t have the app, WePopp notifies them with a simple text.

When the voting is closed, your plans will be finalized and everyone will have an agreed time and place to meet. Allowing for a more organized and cohesive planning process, WePopp is the perfect app for friends that aren’t so social saavy and for those looking to cut down on the back and forth via text and email.

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