Political Anarchy: Decaf or Regular, Which Do You Take?

Here America stands again, divided in the spring of 2009. It’s the day after “Tax Day,” and we as a nation are not standing in unity. It has only been five short months since our historic election took place. Three even shorter months since our country participated in a rebirthing of our nation and the revitalization of the every day individuals impact and willingness to participate in their homeland, yet here we stand, divided not united.

As the Tax Revolt carries on, the team and I sit, watch, and discuss the actions of yesterday. We discuss what it means to be human, to error, and what it takes to successfully weather a storm. We believe there is never a push without a pull, a yin without a yang, and there is always a sense of order and balance. What would pleasure be without pain? I’m not a political expert, nor am I striving to be one. But I do consider myself an enthusiast and I am passionate about what is good for the group.

This administration has been in power for a very short time. Progress and transformation takes time—it doesn’t happen overnight. I believe that this administration believes that they are making the best decisions possible to lead us out of the storm. I also believe that our last administration was geared to do the same.

So we have a choice—to either support our Nation or not. Wouldn’t it be easier to stand behind, fall in-line and get creative with finding revenue streams? We are in this together. No American citizen is unaffected by this changing of the guards. We will never be able to please all of the people all of the time, but by uniting for viable solutions we can weather the storm as ONE Nation.

Therefore, find your voice, take action, and get involved. Get inspired to lead or create systems so we can begin to see positive transformation in our country’s future.

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